Who Are We?

Backed by the largest membership base of any student-run association within the Queen’s Commerce Society, QAA has developed a highly reputable and distinguished position within the Queen’s Smith School of Business. As the school’s premier accounting body, the student-run QAA Executive Team strives annually to maximize the benefits conferred to both our corporate sponsors and student members. For our members and the broader student body, we ultimately strive to inform, to connect, and above all else, to help students land their dream jobs as they begin their long, rewarding careers. To achieve this end, each year, we host a series of highly successful networking and educational events. These unique events allow us to keep the student body informed about the value of the CPA designation, the career opportunities that lie ahead and ultimately provide students with the means of connecting with firms that can help them achieve their career goals.

What We Do

Throughout the year, we host numerous events that communicate the value of a CPA designation and the accounting profession to students at QSB. QAA hosts a series of networking events where our partner companies can interact with the highly talented students of QSB both on formal and informal settings. We also proudly present educational events where students can hear from speakers of various backgrounds about the realities of working in the accounting and the career opportunities that follow after obtaining a CPA Designation.